Monday, 20 March 2017

Gattaca DNA Connections The House OF The Scorpion

    In the future, the movie Gattaca is where genetically modifying people is the norm. This creates many problems in the movie. Some of the problems are that people who don’t get genetically modified are discriminated against. So with that problem, the protagonist who's named is Vincent is trying to overcome this. Vincent was not genetically modified making it more likely that he would die of heart failure and other diseases at a young age. So a few years went by and Vincent got a brother. The brother was supposed to be perfect and better than Vincent in every way.  He and his brother had multiple swimming competitions to see how far they could swim out. Vincent’s brother Anton did better than Vincent until one day when Anton lost and Vincent had to save him.  With that win, he began to believe in himself and he was able to start to realize his dream.  He snuck into Gattaca by impersonating Jerome who was supposed to be the best person who was ever made. He worked his way up the ladder to become the number one flight director. Nearing the launch window the mission director was killed because of the budgets cuts he was going to make to the program. During the investigation, Vincent was careless and forgot an eyelash in the hall. When the investigators found Vincent’s eyelash they thought that Vincent killed the mission director because he eyelash was not genetically modified. Vincent had to hide and act like a “normal” person so that he wouldn't be caught and go to jail. At the end, everything works out and Vincent finds his way into space. 

     This movie has many similarities with the book The House Of The Scorpion. Both the protagonist in Gattaca and The House Of The Scorpion have overcome their differences so that they can follow their dreams. Matt’s dream is to be treated equality as the rest of the people he knows. Vincent’s dream is to be able to go into space. Both of these protagonists have to fight both physical discrimination and verbal discrimination to complete their dreams. A common theme that both of these stories have is that the protagonists have to overcome the stereotypes that society places on them. They also share the same worldview element. The worldview element that they hold close to themselves is that sources of ethical wisdom. This is because in both these of stories they are seen as different. So they are battling what they think is right and what is wrong. With these similar characteristics, there is also some differences. Matt in The House Of The Scorpion is a clone whereas Vincent is not. Vincent uses more violent ways to solve his problems whereas Matt solves his problem in a more peaceful way. So Matt and Vincent are both very different and same way in many ways.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The House Of The Scorpion In The Real World

In the House of the Scorpion Celia tells Matt the story of how she got in Opium. When Celia was a little girl she was very poor coming from the same village that El Parton was from. Celia worked in a factory where she had to put tiny squares in an in a small hole with tweezers. She thought she was going to go blind. She had a real hard childhood. Celia was taught how to cook by an old curander (healing woman). Celia was the best student that the curander had. She went to go get herbs at the market when she meant a coyote. These coyotes that the books say is not the animal. The coyotes in the book take people to Opium to become an ejjit. Ejjits are people with implants in their brain so they can into slaves. Celia was not turned into an ejjit because she was born in the same village as El Patron. So El patron had sympathy for Celia. (p140 to p143.)

Another work focus that works for El Patron is the farm patrol. The farm patrol is similar is the border patrol. The farm patrol makes sure that nobody escapes from Opium. There are also in charge of the ejjit.  With all things, there is something wrong with the farm patrol and the coyotes. The coyotes are promising a better life for the people that they take. Then they are turned into an ejjits. This is similar to asylum seekers here in the real world. (p248 to p257)

The asylum seekers leave the country because something is wrong with there. Like war, their government, jobs and more. The Trudeau cabinet is trying to find a solution for your refugee/asylum seeker ‘criss”. Some 3 000 people come to Canada seeking asylum. The Trudeau cabinet is trying to find a solution to this problem.  By looking into the immigration policy and how it can be improved.

The U.S is the leader fro asylum claims. But there has been 4 000 people are coming to Canada trying to find peace in their life. Personally, I think we should do more be accepting more people in Canada because what is happening around in the world. If you want to make a difference you can click here to donate some money for the cause. Thank you for reading by blog post. 

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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Matt's Worldview

    In school, we have been talking about worldview elements a lot in school.  Some of the world view that we have covered is the view of the good life, view of human nature, sources of ethical wisdom, equality with others, view of human nature, the relationship between the individual and the group. The actions that Matt does can be sorted out in these categories. I believe that Matt holds the worldview of human nature. This is because even though he is a clone Matt still has to think what is evil and good.  Matt has all way had two sides to him. One side of Matt personality is his bad side. Matts bad side is similar to El Patron’s bad side and his good is a lot likes Celia. I think Matt and El Patron have a similar bad side because they are the “same” person. So on his bad side, he thinks that everything he does is right. Even though what he does seems “evil”.  An example of in the book are p99 to p111 in these pages, it really shows his bad side.  At EL Patron’s part, he made Maria kiss him and send some away. Matt wouldn't have done this if El Patron wasn't there. This could have been seen as something bad. Matt struggles with what is good and evil a lot in the book. Matt’s good sides are very kind. He will do anything to protect the people that he loves. An example of this in the book is p222 to p227. This is when Matt tries to protect Maria by taking the blame when she has being captured by her sister bodyguards.

    Another meaning of view of human nature is what he is good and bad. Matt sees El Patron as a good guy but his actions are evil. Some of El Parton action that Matt thinks is evil is how he used clones for transplants, ejjit, and how won’t let anyone go. These actions are way Matt is starting to think El Patron is a bad guy.  These actions will have effects later along in the book. Thanks for reading by blog post.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Can You See Someone as Evil and Good at the Same Time

    In the book the House of the Scorpion, there are a lot of conflict of interest. A lot of people see Matt as evil because he is a clone but Maria, Celia, Tam Lin and El Patron see him has a normal person. Since he is different most people view difference as a bad thing but other see him as a good thing.  So right now he is seen as both good and bad at the same time.  I think this can happening because the people who think Matt is evil and the people who see Matt as good has two different world views. 

    Most people in the book the House of the Scorpion think that Matt is evil because he is a clone.  They see Matt’s life as sinful just because he is a clone. This is like judging someone because they have a disability or that there is something wrong with said person.  An example of someone seen as good and evil at the same time is what Rosa did to Matt. Rose put Matt in horrible living conditions. Most people would see this as inhumane but Rosa sees this as ok because Matt is a clone. They think Matt is evil because that it is unethical for some on to be a clone.  

The character in the book sees Matt as a bad person they are probably the bad guy in the book. This is because their worldview of the character is always a good thing but if the story was told by “bad guys” you would think this is the “good guys”.  So there is no real good or bad. Their is no line of what is good and bad. Some people think that eating meat is a bad thing and other thinks that it is a good thing. So there are real life situation where this also take parts. 

Friday, 10 February 2017

The Scorpion Project

Today we have learned that we are doing a book report on The House of The Scorpion.  Most of my time will now be on this project. We would call this not a book report but a novel inquiry.  This is different than a book report because we are going in depth in this book not asking the standard questions.  This is going to be a new challenge for me because I will have to think harder on all the little details in the book.  This is also going to be a group project so I will be having to step out of my comfort zone but that is ok I hope you all will follow me through this adventure.

Monday, 24 October 2016

The Little Prince

When I was watching The Little Prince and the one thing that didn’t stick with me is the idea that whimsical ideas should be limited.  Just coming up with this idea is crazy. If we as humans don’t think about the princess, prince, flying cars, dragon or other things that you might say falls into “whimsical ideas”, the world will look more black and white. Letting imagination not flow freely is like try to fill the ocean with rocks. Nigel Carrington forms the vice-chancellor at the University of the Arts, London says  that  “Without creativity, we are all less inspired, less inventive, less resourceful, less socially aware, less globally aware, less of a society… and ultimately less human”.  This couldn’t have been truer.  So the people who think that whimsical idea should band couldn’t be more wrong.  

So how come everyone doesn’t use whimsical ideas for everything.   The study has followed kids throughout their life  and gave them a test the older they got the lower they score on the test.  Why don’t we use this more often? This is because the older you get the least creative we are.  That is why we don’t use it for everything.