Monday, 15 January 2018

The Conclusion of GINs

This is my last post for the GINS so I would just like to end it with my thoughts on the book Prisoner of Tehran. I think that this book is a great candidate for the GINS because it really goes into detail about what is going on and how she feels. The topic is right what this is all about a global issue. Many people are unfortunate and are being held as political prisoners and live in the same conditions that Maria lived in or worst. So it sheds light on to the issue that needs to be addressed to.

    As it good for the character development. I say this book is one of the best. This is because blog post four say that you need to re-write the book in the perspective of a niche character. I think that Ali is the best person for this because you really get to see why he does everything thing to Maria. It’s just I think that his heart is in the right place but he doesn’t know how to do it.

    As for Maira not only you get to see how she survived Evin but you will also see her pasted. You get to read how she ended in Evin. While reading this book I suggest that you will need to take some break when reading because of it's really rough and you have sympathy got Maria. I guess I felt happy when she was happy and when she felt sad I felt it too. That is also important because if you can’t sympathize with the book you won’t be getting as much as from this project.

If you are wanting to read this book go for it. It is more of a slower pace book but it is worth the wait. You will know more about the details of what happened in the book for better or for worse. Which makes it powerfully written. Each world made me feel like I knew Maria better. You will not be able to put it down until the very end.

If you are looking for a book for something similar to this like I would suggest Bud Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis. This book is a short and easy read and does the job. The writing and the story is well told by the author and it tackles some of the harder topics like racism and poverty in the great depression.  

This concludes my GINS project thanks for stay with me with this. Overall read this if you are doing GINS. If not it’s just a good read in general. If you are looking for something similar that is an easier read Bud Not Buddy is a really good book to go.

Monday, 8 January 2018

The Life Of Ali

In the Prisoner of Tehran, there was a man called Ali. He was Marina Nemant husband, not by choice. So he tried to make her love him but fail. This is my take one his point of view in the novel:

   Hi, my name is Ali, I was a revolutionary guard for Isam. I was sent out one day to arrest a girl who was working against the government in ways I did not know. This would later change my life.

   We barged into Maria Nemat's apartment.  "We're he for Maria Nemat for treason against the government." I said

   She was called down from her washroom. As she walked out I saw her, and my jaw dropped. She was the most beautiful young woman I have met in my life. I knew she was going to be my wife from the beginning. Me and my partner went into her room. We found many things that discussed me western books and Russian notes to name the worst. Why would she be a communist? How was I falling for her? Every thought was about her. I must not think about it. We asked her to take some of her belongings because she will be going to Evin. Evin was a prison for political prisoners. She took some clothes and she wanted to take these things called prayer beads. We let her because it was part of her religion. Who knew we could be so different?

   The car ride was silent as we drove up to Evin. It was hard for me not to talk to her but I restrained myself. We took her to sit with the other girls we arrested that day for the same reason. They were waiting to be interrogated. I pulled some strings so that I would be in her room helping her out.  

   The interrogator was Heimdal one of the worst.

  "Give me the names of your communist friends and classmates and I will believe that you aren't lying," Heimdal said

"I won’t give you any names" She spat back

"I knew you were on their side"

"I’m not on anybody’s side. If I give you names, you’ll arrest them. I don’t want that to happen"

"Yes we’ll arrest them to make sure they aren’t doing anything against the government and if they aren’t we let them go but if they are, well have to stop them. they’ll have nobody to blame except themselves."

"At the end, she wouldn't give the names so he lashed her and she won’t say anything until she passed out. I This brought plain full memories back to me. It hurt to see her like this I wanted to help her to her cell as she was limping her feet was blistering red and purple."

   I had to get away from her. So I went way to fight for Shah in the war. It was a hard fought battle and I still couldn’t stop thinking about her. So as soon I got shoot I went back to try and win her over.

   I asked her to marry me she said no but I wouldn't take that for an answer. So I threatened her that if she didn’t her family and Andre will go through what she will. I gave her some time to think about it as I had. I felt bad about threatening her but I saw no other way.

  After a way she said yes and I would marry the girl of my dreams. Even though she didn’t me the same way she will soon. It was hard for her to accpet me so I gave her time. Maria seemed to be getting along with the family. We did what every body did we and sex. She didn’t want she still hate me but it felt so good. A few months later she was prints o the good news made me feel so happy.

  I got a treat that I was going to be assaulted but I didn’t think much of it. I wanted to live my life happy with her so we spend a few nights in Evin so that she would be safe. When the treat faded make of my head we were going back home from a family dinner. We were out and then I saw the men on the motorcycle I knew they were here to kill me. I had to save my wife so I pushed her to the ground to make sure she wouldn't get killed. Two bullets when through my chest. I knew I was going to die.

She screamed

Everything when in a blur

“GOD DON’T LET HIM DIE” She screamed

I smiled the worlds I was looking for the whole time and slowly I fade to nothingness.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Basic Human Rights In Prisoner of Tehran

What is your basic right as a human? Well, that all depends on where you live. For me, I live in Canada so my rights and freedoms are protected by the charter of rights and freedom.

    Here in Canada, we have this thing called the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This charter is here to protect our basic human rights both internationally and locally that we Canadians think we should have.

These rights are ovest not there to Marina Nemat. They even say several times in the book that she has no rights. Even before she became a political prisoner they did not give her the right to fundamental justice. The fundamental right is where all Canadians have a right to a fair trial. In the book, she never got a chance to a “fair trial”. The trail that she got was very biased. That she couldn't even allow defined herself.

She has no freedom of speech and freedom. In the book, you can clearly tell that she does not like the current government in power. She did many things like writing a political message in her classroom. Make a strike at the school. Joined many rallies where many people died here.  “How long are we going to allow criminals and murderers hiding behind the name of God to attack our mother, sisters, and friends and get away with it?”p128 Nemat. For having this believed they we shot and later kill if they could not escape. They have no freedom of speech at all. Which is a basic human right?

If she was a Canadian citizen like she is now she would not have this problem because our constitution will protect her no matter where she is. So how would you react this situation?

Monday, 25 December 2017

The World Has Changed

In the novel Prisoner of Tehran, I was really surprised to see how the protagonist (Marina Nemat) was developing through all of her expertness. The book takes place in two times one before she was arrested and then we see her through her time in jail. In her past, we see her as a young woman. She was fourteen at the time when she meets her first love. His name Arash they met at a place near the cottage. Their time together was short but they knew everything about one another. They both wanted to go into medicine and loved to read to name a few.

 “It’s not only about us, Marina… It’s about all of us those who live in poverty. The government makes tons of money from selling oil, which belongs to the people of Iran, and a big part of this money ends up in the personal account of the Shah and his government officials. And did you know that for years, people who have criticized the Shah and his government have been arrested by SAVAK, the secret police, and have been tortured and even executed?”(Nemat 80) 

 Because of this view, he joins up with the communist group which though demarcations. On September 1979 Arash was involved without the knowledge of anyone he loves He was shot and killed in this act. This was heartbreaking in what the story has shown to me.

 Then we see her in Evian which is a prison. She is held in section 246 in there are other girls that are also be held. This is because the government had suppositions that she was also working for the communist group that was against the current government. Unlike the prisons, we have here in Canada the prisons they have at the time are corrupt, underfunded, and unethical. They believed that they got raped before they were killed because if they weren’t they would go to heaven. With this a lot of girls there are okay being killed but they don’t want to be raped. So in order to survive, you must create a sisterhood to protect against another. Though this I see that in her charter she is willing to protect her friends because she doesn’t want to losses anymore. I am really curious to see what she will do next in this heartbreaking story.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Marina Nemat and The Heart Breaking Childhood

     Marina Nemat is a fourteen-year-old girl living in Tehran in 1982. The Iranian revolution had great government power and which led it to be very corrupt. She was arrested for crimes against the government, they believed that she worked for the communist groups which wanted to take through over the government. They thought that it was imposable that she could have "made" a strike at her school alone. They thought that she was apart of something bigger. The government wanted to know who else she was “working” with and where she could find Shahzad who was the main recruiter to the communist group. Once she got to Evin she was lashed but she did not give up and she didn’t tell anyone anything because she didn't want her friends to experience the same things.

      Then we see her as a little girl. When her life wasn’t that hard. We see her grandmother tell her story to Marina. Marina and her grandmother had a close relationship with each other. She was her first role model. Her grandmother was the one who gave her joy. She was the one took her to party. She was the one who protected her but when she died it left an empty hole in her heart. She would learn to honor her grandmother and make new friends.

      A few years later Marina has met a nice old man named Albert. Albert who owns a bookstore. Let borrowed his books to keep her creosote under control. After the month went by they got really close to each other but as his wife health is fading Albert and his wife went to America to spend the rest of the time with their grandkids. “I watched you grow. You brought happiness to my life. You're like a daughter to me”. (Nemat 52).  As he left. She lost another role models and suffer hereat breaks again like with the death of her grandmother. But nothing that she had experienced so far will help her with what’s to come.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Global Issue Novel Study

     The Prisoner of Thran is a story about a girl sixteen-years-old who was arrested on false charges in Thran. How will she survive? This was the hook that brought me into reading this book. I have heard that this story was really well written and I expect it is too. I am really interested in where this story could go. There is a lot of dark topics that I expect is going to go on.